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PM Spirits works with extraordinary producers and has the ability to source single casks for special editions and exclusive bottlings.

There is a limited number available and a specific barrel may not be available at the time of inquiry. Please reach out with details of what you're looking for and we will work with you to ensure satisfaction.


For more information and availability please contact us below

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NY Market: PM Spirits Dist Corp will order a limited quantity of this product. This is a solicitation of interest and not an offer of sale. Prices are approximate. Your demonstration of interest is not an order or a guarantee that the product will be available. However, demonstrations of interest will be taken into consideration in allocating the item when received. Actual prices will be posted for the month the item is available for sale and orders will be taken at that time. Contact your sales rep if you are interested in being included in the allocation for this item.

Single Casks items are available only as a barrel purchase. A retail licensee must purchase the entire barrel shipment at one time. The purchaser must accept the entire barrel in a single delivery.