PM Spirits


Who We Are

PM Spirits is an uber small operation importing and distributing geeky spirits to the US market. Currently, we function as two separate, but overlapping, operations: a portfolio of imports we distribute exclusively in New York state, and a nationally distributed portfolio currently available in 24 states.

We began with a focus on our first love; cognac. We now work with a range of profound, small-production distillates made by artisan distillers from around the world. Most importantly, we only work with spirits that we would drink ourselves. 


What We Believe

We believe in spirits made by artisans who are passionately dedicated to their craft and rely on their own noses and palates to guide their decisions. 

Above all else, we believe spirits are more than commodities. Just as wine is site-specific and terroir-driven, these spirits are authentic expressions of place, communicating the stories of the people who produce them and the traditions of the surrounding area.


About Our Products

We want our spirits to tell their stories in the clearest possible terms. That’s why we work with products that have been made, aged, and bottled with ZERO additives.

To be clear, we’re not dogmatic. We’re not categorically against blends or adding water to lower a spirit’s proof. (In fact, many blends are truly awesome, and we sell a few ourselves). We just want to encounter the underlying spirit in its purest, most unadulterated form. 

Similarly, we gravitate toward single-cask bottlings because we find that they’re the most direct expressions of their places of origin. They’re unique and at the end of the day, it’s that specific imprint of time and place that we want to discover in the glass.


What You Won't Find in Our Portfolio


It’s not that we’re snobs. We just don’t operate at that large scale. Much like the small wine importers who carry family growers from off-the-grid places, we work with a roster of serious independent artisans who are worthy of attention, even if their names might be hard to pronounce. 

*Cheap stuff

Artisan spirits are expensive to make, require knowledge, equipment, and a whole lot of time and effort to be produced, aged and bottled. They are made in minuscule quantities by actual human beings. Compared to products that can be sold in million-case amounts, these spirits will never be able to compete in terms of price. So the question is simple: Are you willing to invest in quality, uniqueness, and craft? We are, and we hope that you will be too. 


We don’t do “smooth.” Usually, “smooth” means one thing: boring as hell. The purpose of artisan spirits is to reflect a terroir and a sense of craftsmanship. Good artisan spirits are “balanced.” They are never “smooth.”

*Small batches

By definition, our products are produced in extremely limited supply because the independent distillers who make them own a tiny parcel of land (or buy a limited amount of materials to distill). The phrase “small batch” is a marketing strategy, appropriated by multi-billion dollar companies to lend their products a false air of “craft” authenticity. The producers we work with are already small— they don’t need to announce it on the label.

How You Can Help Us in Our Quest for World Domination in the Name of Artisan Spirits

By experimenting with spirits in the same way you do with wine, beer, coffee, or tea.

By pushing your friends, clients, guests, and colleagues to get out of their comfort zone and experiment with new and unfamiliar expressions.

By fighting for the virtues of craftsmanship, identity, and individuality in a spirits world of bland mediocrity and corporate homogenization.