PM Spirits

“PM Spirits operates as two separate but overlapping companies: PM Spirit LLC, a US Importer and PM Spirits Distributing, a New York wholesaler. We specialize in spirits made by small artisan distillers who are passionately dedicated to their craft. We believe spirits are more than commodities; they are authentic expressions of place, which communicate the stories of the people who produce them and the traditions of the areas in which they are made."


Street Cred

"I used to think I was discerning about spirits, then I met Nicolas Palazzi. He's forgotten more about cognac then I'll ever know, but his knowledge and passion for spirits in other categories is just as rapacious. Besides being our most respected importer, Nick's a friend and a colleague I can count on him for straight talk."   -Jim Meehan, PDT
"I have to be one of the most annoying assholes in the world to sell spirits to. I want to know everything I can about a spirit before I bring it into our bars. There’s so much bullshit in the spirits industry these days – it can be very difficult to trust anything and depend on its quality in an unwavering way. Nicolas is the only person on the planet I trust entirely to buy spirits blindly from. He has the highest standards of any importer in the country, and I like to think I run my silly little bars the same way."   -Bobby Heugel, Pastry War/Anvil/Better Luck Tomorrow/Tongue-Cut Sparrow
"Nicolas puts the “high” in his high-brow selections; his educational style is lyrical and transportive. He dissolves the tired connotations of spirits that confuse even the most discerning in our industry, but also preaches this gospel to laymen and casual connoisseurs. And ever so patiently. Most importantly to me, Nicolas has no patience for the pervasive mediocrity and greed ever-present in the world of “big liquor”. Over time, we believe taste and integrity will prevail. It’s my job to pass this along to my guests, and it’s Nicolas’s job to keep the good stuff coming."   -William Elliott, Maison Premiere/ Sauvage
PM is the swift kick in the ass the spirits industry needs, they excel in taking the road less traveled and coming back with the best spirits from around the world. Any store, bar, restaurant or whatever that carries their products is infinity better off for it.   Matt - Bag & String Wine Merchants, Lakewood, NY
I’ve been working with PM Spirits for 7 or 8 years now. I used to call Nico the Cognac American soldier lookalike guy. We were always happy to see him because I knew we were going to taste new product! It was like seeing your dealer - not that I know that feeling.   Cristian Molina, Rouge Tomate
The PM Spirits "Street Pumas" are essentially a team of premium booze superheroes: all equipped with Grade A palates. That, coupled with an insatiable will to teach and be taught make them a force to be reckoned with. I've had the pleasure of doing business with nearly everyone there, and I've come away from each meeting energized. It's hard not to feel fired up when bestowed with nerdy drinks for all to enjoy. What I love most is that the quality and integrity of the product is always there when I buy from PM. Their loot not only tastes good, but it is accompanied by lore. Retail sales begin and end with captivating stories, and the Pumas aren't shy to share them. Whether it's white or brown liquor, it's in the portfolio for a very specific reason... it suits a particular purpose on your shelves. Believe me. My sales' track records speak volumes.   André Robert Guérin, Ambassador Wines & Spirits