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Introducing Cobrafire

What is Cobrafire?

Copy describing Cobrafire...



What is Cobrafire?

Eau De Vi De Raisin

When he arrived at the warehouse, all(*) twenty casks were lined up (* - all but one  actually which was leaking and had to be kept vertical). Used to sampling brandy from barrel, Palazzi figured he’d find the usual mix: one truly baller cask, a few decent ones, and a whole lot of mess. But after spending several hours with his nose buried deep in a glass, there was no denying the truth. The quality was freakishly consistent, each cask almost identical to the original. 

Then there’s the design.

It turns out the French are a sarcastic people and the label needed to reflect this with the exaggerated symbols immigrants, like Palazzi, may arrive in the US with.

 An early draft of the hero 

An early draft of the hero 

We went through several designs: the first was too complicated and needed simplification. Rocking a Comic-inspired superhero, a pissed-off rattlesnake, and a gigantic bald eagle, it signals “American spirit” on steroids. 

Truth is, a bottle of booze shouldn’t have to front on its audience. Instead, it’s got to sidestep the hype, take center stage, and let the performance speak for itself.

This is why we decided to keep the label as real and transparent as possible. All the facts (who, what, where, how old) are printed right on the front of the bottle. No BS, no fake spin. It’s our way of saying we know our shit is tight (*drops mic, walks away).

And yes, it is a glass stopper; 'cause it is both pretty and practical.



A delicious, properly aged, old-school Bourbon with a solid provenance and nothing to hide.

Coming at you live in July 2018.

 Oh, and guess what, we are not the only ones to say it’s good…

"Quite a lot going on in the nose--caramel popcorn, baked apples, vanilla cream. These continue on the palate with added toasted cereal, spiced maple, and a char smoke ring on the finish. Water isn't necessary here, but if you'd like to add a few cool drops, it will tame the sweetness just a bit. A fine sipper with a spiced lenghty finish."

-Stephanie Moreno,

"Once again, Nicolas demonstrates words are unnecessary, his spirits are more than capable of speaking for him."

- Cori Paige, CRAFT by Under my Host

"This limited run of 8-year-old bourbon is bolder and better than its younger counterparts."

- Jonah Flicker, Robb Report, January 3, 2018

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