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The 15 Best Bourbons of the Past 20 Years

Nicolas Palazzi


Set aside any misgivings you might have about liquor named after a worn-out Internet meme, and just enjoy the delicious blend of 20 different casks of eight-year-old whiskey. This spirit offers multifarious flavors highlighted by maple syrup, coconut, cloves, and dark fruit. Mic.Drop. ($100) came out of nowhere in 2017 and now resides on the back bars of some of the country’s most prestigious drinking establishments. It’s easy to spot, too, with an eye-catching label designed by comic book artist Chris Batista. Word is that all 3,358 original bottles are spoken for, but fret not, for Mic.Drop.2 was just released on Sept. 1. Okay, maybe fret a little—there will be but 140 bottles, which will retail for $450 a pop.