PM Spirits

Navarre Cognac Vieille Reserve 45%

Nicolas Palazzi

Like a lot of the cognac I've bought, the Navarre cognac was an impulse purchase. It’s a blend of 40-50-year-old cognac, non-chill filtered, not colored, not boised…just raw, from-the-cask cognac (maybe a little water). It's only released every couple years and there is not a ton out there. So, how is it?
Nose: tropical fruits galore...Guava, papaya, mango, citrus, pineapple...some light flower petals, too
Palate: the tropical fruits and citrus translate but with kiwi, too...coconut milk, honeysuckle, and a little cocoa powder.
Finish: fantastically long and fruity, rich, delicious