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Four New Ways to Drink Your Tequila This Spring

recipe, TequilaNicolas Palazzi

It's that time of year.

If you head to the birthplace of tequila, you’ll quickly realize why the spirit is a perfect match for springtime drinking. Sunshine pours down on the rows of blue agave that can make Jalisco’s countrysides look more like lakes than farms. All of that Mexican sunshine—soaked into the heart of the agave for up to seven years until it’s harvested—ends up in every bottle of tequila you pop open.


Loisaida Avenue
There's something delicious lurking in every nook of the new NoMad Los Angeles, which seems to be overflowing with bars. For this we can thank bar director Leo Robitschek, creator of your new favorite tequila cocktail, the Loisaida Avenue. "Spring is one of my favorite seasons to create cocktails for," he says. For the Loisaida Avenue, those greener flavors are coming from picante jalapeños you’ll be using to give your tequila a kick. "This spring tequila sour variation uses jalapeño to give the cocktail a bit of spice, while the green chartreuse adds herbaceous notes that’s reminiscent of the spring.” Go forth and drink green.

Loisaida Avenue
1/2 oz simple syrup
1/2 oz Green Chartreuse
3/4 oz lemon juice
3/4 oz Sombra Mezcal
3/4 oz jalapeño-infused Excelia Blanco Tequila
Angostura bitters

For the infused tequila
3 Jalapeños, diced
750 ml Excelia Blanco Tequila