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Different Sides to the Cognac Story

Cognac, Jacky Navarre, Nicolas Palazzi, PM Spirits, interviewNicolas Palazzi

DIFFERENT SIDES TO THE COGNAC STORY - How some producers are changing the category's long held narrative


Consider that this is an industry hundreds of years old. Cognac estates both large and small have been producing it very much in the same way for centuries. There is a strict set of rules that defines Cognac as a spirit determining where the grapes are grown, how they are processed, what type of wood they are aged in and for how long. There’s not much room for innovation since these rules aren’t going to change any time soon, if ever, but there are subtle ways a Cognac can show some creativity.

“When you are a renegade in Cognac you are not pushing big boundaries. You do little things that would be normal in any other [spirits] area that would have less history.”

Nicolas Palazzi
Founder of PM Spirits and importer of several independent Cognac brands

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