PM Spirits

PM Spirits Leverages Reputation for Quality with New Well Spirits Line

Nicolas Palazzi

Nicolas Palazzi Made Cognac Cool Again—Now, He Wants To Democratize Artisanal Spirits with The Street Pumas


The Street Pumas might sound like a new line of sneakers, but it’s actually a line of well spirits named after a malapropism turned nickname derived from a misunderstood rap lyric. If that wasn’t far enough down the rabbit hole, note that a comic strip accompanies the product line.

If anyone but Nicolas Palazzi were behind it, Street Pumas would probably be dismissed as a gimmick. But if Palazzi and his small-scale import-distribution operation, PM Spirits, are known for anything, it’s that they blow up expectations about booze. The same buyers who purchase PM’s Navarre Vielles Reserve Cognac, which sells for a suggested retail price of $215 a bottle, are eagerly anticipating Street Pumas, an entry-level line of spirits that Palazzi and his team are creating. It features vodka, gin, rum, and whiskey that will retail for $30 to $35 per liter.