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How to find the best high-end tequilas in a crowded category

Nicolas Palazzi

Once a mysterious distilled beverage from south of the border, tequila is a favorite for any occasion—from fraternity parties to business dinners at Michelin-starred restaurants.

The agave plant is a unique thing, though. Unlike grains and grapes, it doesn’t have an annual growth cycle. A piña, the sugar-rich inner heart of the blue agave plant that’s roasted and milled to produce the juice, can take up to 12 years to mature. For purists, the production of tequila is best when it’s done like Texas barbecue—the slower, the better.

Five Fine Extra Añejos

...Fuenteseca 21-year-old  is an argument for aging tequila over an extra-long period. Made by Enrique Fonseca, this super-premium tequila was distilled in copper double-column stills from mostly 1984 plantings harvested in 1993. After being stored for 10 years, they were moved to a higher, cooler climate for an additional 11.