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Nouaison by G'Vine Gin

Nouaison GinNicolas Palazzi

Nouaison by G'Vine Gin
(France; PM Spirits, Brooklyn, NY) 45% abv, $50


Last reviewed in 2009 and rated Four Stars. Spotless clarity; transparent as rainwater. Right off the crack of the aromatic bat there are lush, ambrosial aromas of grape vine, grape must, and blueberry that assert themselves immediately, supporting the juniper/cedar and tree bark supplemental scents; with further aeration the fruit salad/grape vine aspect fades slightly allowing the juniper and other botanicals the chance to fill the void and they do so with charm and understatement - make no mistake, this is a lovely bouquet that alone is worth the price of the bottle.  Entry taste is lean, astringent, and tangy with the pine needle/resiny quality of the juniper berry; midpalate displays the mild juiciness of the grape base while never once losing sight of the juniper and tree bark aspects that make it gin.

Spirit Journal June 2018: /Highly Recommended