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6 Under-the-Radar Whiskeys Every Whiskey Lover Should Know

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If you’re a hardcore whiskey drinker, you probably have some opinions about which bottles are best and which ones are overrated. While we could argue all day if a bottle of Pappy is worth the price, we’d rather learn about more unknown bottles that we should be trying. So we chatted with Kenneth McCoy, founding partner of Ward III—an NYC bar known for its massive whiskey selection—to find out which bottles he believes are underrated. Here are his picks for six under-the-radar whiskeys that every whiskey lover should know.

Mic Drop 8-Year-Old Barrel Proof 

“This juice is gorgeous and brought to you by PM Spirits,” McCoy says. “These cats know their stuff and this is the real deal.” This is the first bourbon from PM Spirits, and it’s a blend of 20 different casks of bourbon that were distilled in Indiana in 2009. It has a mash bill of 75-percent corn, 21-percent rye and 4-percent barley malt. “I believe there are only 3,000 bottles available,” he says. “If you like whiskey, get yourself some of this caramel heat and spice coming in at 112 proof.”