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The Best Rums to Buy for All Your Summer Drinking Needs

Best of, Navazos Palazzi, RumNicolas Palazzi

It is August and especially hot—almost as if our climate has been systematically changing over the years?—and it’s time for a daiquiri. Or a piña colada, or some slushy drink served in a coconut. So maybe you’re googling for the “best rum in a daiquiri,” and, on seeing the pages of answers and litany of bottles and stupefying range of tasting notes, you realize there’s a whole lot of stuff out there about rum, and you know very little of it, and you just wanted a good drink but are now utterly adrift in the choppy waters of ignorance.


Navazos Palazzi Cask Strength

A boutique Spanish bottle well worth the $100 price tag. Ample time in olorosso sherry casks has given it a viscous, syrupy body, but instead of cloying sweetness, it’s actually one of the driest-tasting spirits on this list. There’s jolts of smoke and leather and burnt nuts, then a dynamic aftertaste that lingers in your throat. Weird rum. Good rum.